Welcome to Ashong & Associates, LLC.

Philadelphia Certified Public Accountant

Thank you for visiting our website. We ensure that your business has the greatest chance of success by becoming a trusted partner and taking care of your accounting and tax compliance needs, thus allowing you to focus your valuable time on what you do best and eventually grow your operations and profit.


We are confident that our impressive track record in supporting businesses through financial re-organization and compliance system administration will help your business achieve its goals.

Our services include:

• Performing quality financial statement audits, reviews and compilation
• Development of effective and efficient bookkeeping and accounting systems.
• Analysis of your businesses profit and loss and balance sheet on regular basis
• Minimizing your tax liability through practical tax planning
• Ensure compliance with regulatory agencies including the IRS, state and local tax authorities.


Whether you are in business as a Not-for-Profit, C-corporation, S-Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership or an sole proprietor, we can provide an excellent array of professional accounting and tax services to meet your unique needs.


In view of our commitment to understand your unique needs, Ashong & Associates, LLC will offer a thirty minutes of consultation with one of our experienced associates at no cost to you.


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