I was referred to Albert Ashong for accounting services 3 years ago in 2009. Having started a remodeling business, Riexinger Remodeling, LLC only one year prior, I had many questions and financial headaches. Albert set me up with a customized excel spreadsheet to keep track of all my business income and expenses. It was very clear and has made record keeping quite manageable. Albert has prepared 1099s for my subcontractors and has done a commendable job on both my personal and business taxes. This year my wife and I purchased a rental property and called Albert for advice. Albert has always been very prompt in responding to any questions I have. I am grateful for his services because I know that competent and professional accounting is essential to the success of my business.

- Kurt Riexinger

  President / Owner

  Riexinger Remodeling, LLC




Albert Ashong has become a huge part of the success of my business. He easily worked through a major mistake made by a past accoutant, saving me $1,000's of dollars. Very professional and always available for answers.

- Lawrence McCaffrey, Owner
  Colour Printing




Albert Ashong has done my personal taxes for the past two years. I have found his tax service to be professional, accurate and fast.

- Ronald W. Ferner

  Dean, School of Business and Leadership

  Cairn University




Our relationship with Albert started in 2008 with a rather simple personal tax filing. As a direct result of great customer service and exceptional results with our personal taxes, our relationship with Albert & Associates has grown to our business areas including 2 retail businesses, 2 real estate businesses, and our management company.

- M. McLean




I have a Janitorial Company for residential and commercial accounts. I have known Albert for about four years before I owned my business he did my personal taxes and from that first meeting he was professional and friendly. Albert is very intelligent, dedicated, and supportive of our business practices and has helped us grow our business to where it is today. Anytime I have a question or need professional advice Albert is always there with the answers I need to help run my business.

- Christina Azuma, Co-owner

  ACG Cleaning Services LLC



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